On December 2013, Pidgin Technologies Ltd. has shut down its operation and transition its properties to a new home.
GR8.ag is an innovation agency formed when Pidgin Technologies joined forces with Brazilian web agency Online Performance Group. GR8 aims to make the impossible real, combining cutting edge technology with creative vision for an unparalleled result.
BoardTracker is at its core a forum discussion search engine which provides advanced analytics and discussion tracking services covering billions of posts with 'persistent search' and instant alerts for brand reputation monitoring, market research, trend watching and social search.
ServerMojo is a popular server & site monitoring service and an essential tool for any sysadmin or site owner. Providing a range of charts, user definable monitors with alerts by email, IM, Twitter, RSS or SMS. Multiple geographically dispersed scan nodes provide accurate monitoring for all levels of user from small sites or blogs right up to large enterprise systems.
Fotopages is a photo blogging platform, serving many millions of visitors, allowing people to view tens of millions of photos created by amateur and professional photographers and bloggers from around the world. Fotopages has an active and vibrant user community and continues to grow and develop.

Empowering web communities.
Extending social networks.

Pidgin Technologies Ltd. was formed in June 2004 and is a privately held company. We are focused on developing and operating innovative technologies and sevices for the social web and web communities.

"Pidgin" by the way, is a language (or more accurately, a creole language - a mashup of languages and local dialects) spoken in the pacific islands such as Papua New Guinea ("Tok Pisin"), Solomon Islands, Micronesia and other places.

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